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Hello All

As long time treasurer of the your golf club, I would like to take a minute to explain to you how important Nickie Aumiller was and is to us as she finishes up her contract.  We all understand that she has done a great job but I don't think people realize what she has done for us.   It is difficult to compare year to year in the budget of a golf course because the needs and wants are so dynamic, but I have always looked at the income net of the club after removing the effect of any income from casinos, fundraisers and grants. I also do not include any payment to the Town of Hanna in this analysis.  This method of analogy gives one a reasonable idea of the "operational success" of the club and indicates that if we were on our own, what our financial status might be.  Numbers do not lie.  We are in the business of sales and if our expenses exceed our sales we are doomed, it is that simple.  Certainly part of the success we have had in recent years has been the masterful job Kevin Mazzei has done in providing us with an impeccable golf course on a shoe string budget and we thank him for this, but if we analyze the 4 years previous to Nickie taking over as manager and compare this to the 4 years she has served our wonderful course you will see very clearly what she has done for us.

Here are the numbers when eliminating the mathematical effect of grants, casinos, fundraisers and payments to the town of Hanna for our expansion;  In the 4 years prior to Nickie's working term our net income was negative $5000 or an average loss of $1250 per year.  The 4 years that Nickie has managed our course we have enjoyed a profit of $55000 or an average profit of $13750 per year!

This result in itself is overwhelming, however there is much more to acknowledge because within this operational success she has been able to make the following improvements;
1)while increasing the overall net sales, the kitchen had a much needed overhaul.
2)purchased a beer cart
3)created a facility that is open all year long creating staff stability
4)completely changed the culture of the golf course engaging a higher ratio of young people playing the game
5)financial stability the allows us to operate through the winter
6)puts us in a position to build a much needed maintenance shop
7)leaves us with less than $100,000 left on the expansion loan with the Town of Hanna
8)designed a seamless succession plan with Amanda Anderson and Kris Mohl that has enabled us to continue our success.

I would like to personally thank Nickie for all of her contributions to the Hanna Golf and Country Club, I would hope that all of you take the time to thank her for her work, and I know that we all wish her the best future possible.

Treasurer of the Hanna Golf and Country Club
Dr. David Warwick

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